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How to Maximize Your iPhone Battery Life: Simple Steps to Stay Powered Longer

Does your iPhone or smartphone battery deplete quicker than before? You're certainly not the only one. With our increasing reliance on these devices, maximising battery life has become crucial. Let's explore ways to keep your phone powered up throughout the day!

Understanding Battery Health

Degradation Over Time

No battery lasts forever. Over time, it loses its ability to hold charge. Knowing this helps you set realistic expectations for your device.

Check Battery Health

Most new smartphones let you see how healthy the battery is in the settings. This can help you know when it's time to get a new battery. If your Apple iPhone's battery health drops below 80%, it's best to replace the battery. This will help restore its full capacity.


Optimise Your Settings:


Dim your screen or use auto-brightness to adapt to your surroundings. The screen is often the biggest power drainer.

Wi-Fi vs. Cellular Data

Wi-Fi consumes less power than cellular data. Whenever possible, stay connected to Wi-Fi.

Background Apps

Regularly close apps you're not using. Some apps run in the background and eat up battery life.

Location Services:

Turn off location services for apps that don't require it.


Healthy Charging Habits:

Avoid Full Drains

A common myth is that you should completely drain your battery before charging. This is incorrect, as doing so often can decrease its lifespan.

Use Original Chargers

Off-brand chargers might not have the same power output, leading to inefficient charging.

Avoid Overheating

Don't leave your phone in hot environments, especially while charging. Heat can degrade battery health.


Software Updates:

Stay Updated

Manufacturers often release updates that improve battery optimization. Ensure your device is running the latest software version.


Consider Battery-Saving Modes:

Built-In Features

Many smartphones have a 'battery-saving' or 'low power' mode that limits certain functions to prolong battery life.

Third-Party Apps:

Some apps can help save battery life by watching and controlling apps that use a lot of power.

A few tweaks here and there can substantially impact how long your smartphone battery lasts. By adopting these habits, you can get the most out of your device without constantly searching for the nearest charger.

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