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How to Clean and Disinfect Your Smartphone: A Step-by-Step Guide

In a world where our smartphones are constant companions, keeping them clean is essential not just for aesthetics but for health reasons too. With the average phone harbouring a surprising number of germs, here's how you can keep your device both sparkly and sanitary.

  1. Understanding the Need:

    • A Germ Haven: Studies have shown that our phones can carry more germs than most household objects. Regular cleaning can reduce the risk of transferring these germs to your face or hands.

    • Avoiding Damage: While it's essential to clean our phones, doing so improperly can lead to damage. Always follow manufacturer recommendations.

  2. Gathering Supplies:

    • Microfiber Cloth: This lint-free cloth is perfect for removing smudges and fingerprints without scratching your screen.

    • Isopropyl Alcohol (70% solution): Effective at disinfecting and safe for most phone surfaces.

    • Distilled Water: To avoid any potential damage from minerals or contaminants present in tap water.

    • Soft Cotton Swabs: For cleaning tight spaces like ports and buttons.

  3. Cleaning Your Phone:

    • Power Down: Turn off your device and, if possible, remove the battery.

    • Wipe Down: Begin by using the dry microfiber cloth to wipe away any smudges or dirt.

    • Disinfecting: Mix the isopropyl alcohol and distilled water in equal parts. Dampen the cloth (do not soak) and gently wipe down your phone's surfaces. Avoid any openings like charging ports or speaker grills.

    • Detailing: Use cotton swabs for crevices and hard-to-reach places. Remember to be gentle around buttons and ports.

    • Drying: Let your phone air dry for at least 5 minutes before turning it back on.

  4. Safety Tips:

    • Avoid Excess Liquid: Never allow liquid to get into the openings of your phone. Never submerge your phone or run it under a tap.

    • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Household cleaners, bleach, or abrasives can damage your phone. Stick to isopropyl alcohol.

    • Regular Cleaning: Make it a habit to clean your phone at least once a week or more if you're in high-contact areas.

With just a few minutes each week, you can ensure your phone isn't just functional, but also free from harmful germs. Embrace the habit and keep your tech companion as clean as it is smart!

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