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Baseus Wireless Charger 15W (Digital Display)

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Brand: Baseus

Material:  PC

Interface: Type-C input

Input: 5V⎓2A, 9V⎓2A, 12V⎓2A

Output: 15W Max

Transmission frequency: 115-205kHz

Product Size: 112*100*7mm

Product Weight: 85.5g


- Real-time display of power and voltage

- 15W peak output

- FOD intelligently recognizes foreign objects; intelligently recognizes the charging power of the device

- Trickle mode to prevent overcharge and damage to the device

- Induction distance less than or equal to 8mm, wireless charging can be done without removing the protective case

- Comes with 1.5m charging cable

- Applicable to a variety of models

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