High Quality Repairs

By trained technicians

We use only the highest quality parts carefully sourced from reputable Australian suppliers while keeping the price affordable, because we believe high quality doesn't always mean high price and want to make sure your device performs just the way it should. All repairs come with a warranty for your piece of mind.

If you have cracked or smashed the back of your new iPhone, chances are, the manufacture won't want anything to do with it. We have the latest specialised tools & equipment using laser technology to safety and effectively remove and replace the back glass on the spot. We can usually have your device repaired in 3 hours.

Battery not holding charge like it used to? 

Your battery has probably reached the end of its life cycle and needs to be replaced. Our high quality battery replacements have a high capacity and are guaranteed to keep your device performing like new with a 12 month replacement warranty. Most batteries can be replaced in under 40 mins while you wait.