Beware of Scammers

Unfortunately, there are multiple Facebook pages using variations of the Fusion Phones business name and ABN number 25 664 502 845 imitating us and pretending to be us.

They try to pose as legitimate Australian businesses advertising brand new iPhones at "too good to be true" prices. They will create fake Facebook pages and copy the ABN number of the business they are imitating making them "seem" legitimate. 

We are located in Southport, Gold Coast. We only have one official business Facebook page, it is called “FUSION PHONES” (Fusion Phones)
We DO NOT currently give free Apple watches/Airpods etc

It is a scam if:

  • the bank account number they provided does not end in 4109
  • you are referred to any website that is not
  • you have been sent to any Facebook page that is not "Fusion Phones" (
  • you have been referred to message a different person or page from the Facebook marketplace listing you enquired about
  • they are offering free AirPods or Apple Watch

Please report these pages to Facebook and Scam Watch here: Report a scam | Scamwatch 

Do not transfer them money.